Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pets

    • Allowing pets will be predetermined by owner/landlord. Deposits are usually $300.00 EACH with half being a pet fee. In most cases the tenants are allowed to make two payments.
    • The owner may choose to not allow pets of any kind but this will drop the leasing traffic down over 70%.
    • Service animals are exempt from deposits and size limitations.
  • Deposits

    Deposits are usually equally to one month’s rent. They are always made out to Scoggins Realty, LLC and all commissions, fees and invoices are paid before the owner’s drawl.
  • Who manages the home?

    The owner is basically giving the management company a power of attorney to manage the home and it is not co-managed with the owner.
  • Hours and Communication

    • Property Management is Monday thru Friday, 9 to 5. With a large amount of owners and tenants texting is not responded part of our communication and after hour calls are reserved for property emergencies (such as items that are causing damage to the property).
    • Owners are not allowed to contact the tenants and are not given a key.
    • Owners and tenants have access to the portal system to see copied of their contracts, move in pictures, reports, invoices….
  • Tenant Approval

    You will get a copy of the criteria and the tenant will be automatically approved if they pass the application criteria. If the applicant is short of being approved we will contact you with a recommendations. If we cannot reach you or do not get a response within 24 hours will make the decision in your behalf.
  • Maintenance

    • Owners and their family/friends are not allowed to preform the maintenance. Only vendors that have provided the management company with a copy of their W9 and general liability insurance or vendors approved thru a home warranty company. The management company cannot guarantee that the vendors insurance will be kept up to date.
    • Home warranties are allowed as long as they perform their task within a reasonable time and they allow invoices to be paid within 30 days. A/C can be the biggest issue and warranty companies can take longer than the required time allowed.
    • When a tenant submits a service request thru the portal system you will be automatically sent a copy.
    • If you wish to use a warranty company then you will be responsible for the renewal invoice.
  • Setup charges are

    • $300.00 reserve.
    • $100.00 to $400.00 to have the home rekeyed, smoke detectors tested AFTER the tenant has been approved
    • Owners are charged for a third party inspection company to inspect and take pictures of the home before each tenant moves in. The rate is usually around $110.00 but could go a little higher. The tenant is deducted the same rate for a move out inspection out of their deposit. Plus (at the cost of the owner) a similar report is done at the tenant’s renewal and the company also performs the required smoke detector test.
  • Fees

    • Leasing commission is equal to 80% of one month’s rent and renewal fees are 25%.
    • Monthly Management fee is 8% and only charged when the home is occupied and a leasing or renewal is not charged.
    • Service Fees: Each time Broker arranges for the property to be repaired, maintained, redecorated or altered as permitted by contract. 10%
    • Late fees are retained by the management company.
    • Legal fees are $75.00 an hour.
  • Renewals

    • Owners/landlords will go over with the management company the market rate to determine an offered renewal rate for the tenant.
    • Before the renewal is executed the home will be inspected by a third party company and a smoke detector test will be performed at a rate of around $90.00. Sample Report
  • Evictions

    Management companies are only allowed to evict due to non-payment of rent. Other eviction issues are done by an attorney and at the owner/landlords expense.
  • Advertising

    • Professional pictures are ONLY taken of the home while it is VACANT. The owners are not charged for the pictures but they do remain the property of the management company.
    • Our professional stager is not used for management or leasing. If your home is listed FOR SALE and/or FOR LEASE, the owner will reimburse the management company for any and all professional staging if it is leased.
  • Insurance

    • Owners are required to have the management company as an ADDITIONAL INTEREST.
    • Tenants are required to have the management company as an ADDITIONAL INTEREST.
  • Utilities

    Owners / landlords are required to turn the utilities on when the home is vacant.
  • Payments

    • Owners are paid on the 10th of each month unless it falls on a weekend or holiday. We can mail your monthly check or use our online payments thru our bank.
    • Once the tenant’s rent check has cleared any invoices, HOA dues, management fees will be paid first. Then minus the $300.00 reserve the owner’s check will be cut.
  • Portal System

    • Owners can long in and see move in pictures, copies of the management contract, copies of the lease, invoices, reports…..
    • Tenants are allowed to pay online.
  • Payments not made by the management company.

    • Mortgage
    • Home warranty plans
    • Utilities
    • Insurance
    • Taxes
  • Do you have in-house maintenance?

    No, we contract all repairs and maintenance through third parties. We have negotiated rates to save our clients a bundle.